Servicing and Maintenance


Inside a passenger lift shaft depicting the lift guide rails and landing doors during a passenger lift service and maintenance


Trained, Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated service engineers carry out routine planned preventative maintenance to meet all your needs. We believe that by taking preventative steps at regular intervals we can ensure the continued performance of your lifts and reduce deterioration.

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We offer a wide range of services in our hotel

Duplex lifts ready for lift servicing. Lift maintenance is a legal requirement


We have vast experience of all types, makes and models of any age or condition of lifts, capable of sourcing parts from all manufacturers across the UK and the World in order to keep your lift in service.

During a routine lift service, the maintenance of the lift control panel is undertaken


Lift repairs and upgrades provide you with quick, simple, easy and efficient upgrades to replace worn out and obsolete components to remedy any safety or performance concerns. Whether it be identified by an insurance company following your annual inspection or our detailed lift service reports.

When lift servicing is carried out the lift car top safety devices are checked during all passenger lift maintenance visits


Acute Elevators can advise you on the requirements to meet the lift-specific provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act as part of our DDA Compliance & lift repair service. There are many areas that you need to consider to be fully compliant, such as initial access, internal access, signposting, stopping accuracy, call buttons, door sensors, interior mirrors, interior call buttons and emergency alarms and auto diallers.

Two men outside of a passenger lift undertaking a DDA audit of an existing lift to bring the old lift to the current lift regulations


If the worst should happen, and you find that your lift has stopped working, then our 24hr callout service will be at your disposal, our breakdown team will contact and dispatch our nearest technical engineer to your site to minimise disruption and downtime of your lifts.

With service engineers on the ground already working routes, we are ideally positioned to offer service and maintenance contracts with our 24hr call out service in the Southeast, Greater London, and the Northwest UK.

Regular cleaning of a passenger lift during lift maintenance is vital to component longevity, the lift car top is gleaming