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Heavy load goods lift being loaded with a large pallet by a forklift truck
Inside a goods lift looking out into the warehouse
On the platform of a goods lift showing the goods lift controls
Goods lift sited in a warehouse with a pallet truck and pallet on the goods lift platform

goods lifts

Acute Elevators understand the importance and how crucial the quick reliable movement of goods between levels in a fast-paced environment is. That’s why we design our goods lifts to integrate smoothly into any work or industrial property with ease of use and full reliability, allowing your business workflow to run harmoniously.

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A view from on board the goods lift looking out to a forklift truck with a large pallet about to load the goods lift


We provide goods and service lifts that are a reliable, robust yet cost-effective solution for the valuable movement of goods between levels in buildings. Our Team works closely with architects and consultants, to design lifts fit for purpose for both new and existing buildings. Whatever the requirement is for a heavy-duty industrial lift for a busy warehouse or factory, or a simple service lift for a busy restaurant, we’ve got the product to suit.

Forklift truck on the platform of a goods lift during loading


Acute Elevators offer a comprehensive range of high-quality goods lifts that will solve your everyday lifting and freight movement problems. Our service lifts are a logical choice for many reasons. Not only do they reduce the risk of injury caused by manual lifting, but they are also an asset to any business by improving process efficiency. The energy consumption of all our goods lifts is very low, only require a shallow pit and low headroom, making them a cost-effective solution for easy installation into existing buildings.

Inside the lift shaft of a goods lift showing the lift guides and hydraulic piston of the goods lift


Supplying an incredible assortment of commercial goods lifts to suit every application, all designed to deliver unrivalled performance with optimal ease of use. Our goods lift portfolio of dumb waiters, service lifts and heavy goods lifts, are highly versatile and ideally suited to fulfilling a wide range of requirements. They are particularly useful in commercial kitchens, retail environments, warehouses, and factories, where they are an invaluable addition. All service lifts are manufactured to the highest standard making them highly reliable, simple to use, and an ideal choice.

Hidden goods lift rising out of the floor ready to load outside a hotel delivery entrance


Acute Elevators engineering teams have been installing goods lifts of the highest quality in properties across the UK for decades. Wherever your location we can provide the solution. Our range of goods lifts provide an unrivalled level of quality and design whatever the environment. Every lift is designed, supplied, installed, tested and certified following the UK’s strictest quality and safety standards. Acute Elevators are an UKAS ISO9001 certified company. Our team is waiting to help you find a solution, contact them using the button below.

Extra large platform Goods lift in factory delivery bay
Man loading a goods lift with pallet truck carrying a pallet in garden centre warehouse
Large platform goods lift with operator controls on both side walls of the goods lift
Goods passenger lift with ramped entrance due to a low pit requirement


Explore our range of goods lift brochures. If you need some advice on choosing which lift will meet your requirements, discuss a project, request a quotation or find out more about Acute Elevators, please contact a member of our team.

goods LIFT

Our goods lift is individually designed to accommodate the transport of goods for any scenario.


• Completely custom sizes
• Max speed - 0.15m/s to 1m/s
• Can accommodate huge capacities
• For commercial and industrial use
• Wide variety of finishes
• Hydraulic or traction drive

Large heavy load goods lift with man on board operating the lift, moving a large pallet.

Logico Goods Lift

The Logico goods lift has a freestanding modular structure to transport of loads up to 2,000 Kg. Our Pro version is specifically oriented to allow for one or two passengers.


• Freestanding modular structure
• Up to 2000kg
• Requires no machine room
• Occupies minimum space
• For commercial and industrial use
• Wide variety of finishes

Goods lift with self-supporting structure and a swing landing door sited in a factory

Goods Passenger Lift

The Acute Goods Passenger lift offers users a robust cabin and load capacity to safely transport goods as well as giving passengers a unique travel experience characterised by a smooth and silent travel with no abrupt movements.


• Variable drive technology up-to 2 m/s Traction, 0.63m/s Hydraulic
• Machine room less and machine room options
• Traction and hydraulic drive system options
• Rated load of up to 2500KG Traction, 5000KG Hydraulic
• Travel up to 60m Traction – 15m Hydraulic
• Traction Drive - Incredibly energy efficient
• Clean, Robust modern finishing options