Modernisation and Refurbishment


During lift modernisation it is possible for the passenger lift doors to blend seamlessly with the surroundings
New bespoke lift cabin and mirrored bronze stainless-steel doors fitted to an existing passenger lift during a lift modernisation
Heritage old round passenger lift after being refurbished during a lift modernisation
Existing passenger lift after a full lift modernisation to include a bespoke timber lift cabin with brass accents and mood lighting

Lift Modernisation

When your lift comes to the end of its working life one of your options is to modernise, removing and replacing sections of the worn, faulty, or ageing parts whilst utilising some existing infrastructure. Many lift modernisation schemes are undertaken during change in use of building projects. This time provides an ideal opportunity to modernise your lift to ensure it meets the future needs of the building.

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Fully modernised passenger lift in Breitling store London, bringing the existing commercial lift to the latest lift regulations for a public lift in a retail space.


Acute Elevators can provide state-of-the-art microprocessor control systems, the latest drive and door systems to improve your lift response time, cut waiting times and enhance passenger traffic handling.

The old lift control panel is replaced with new during a lift modernisation panel change


A common requirement of lift modernisation is to enhance the appearance of the interior design, providing a modern and stylish upgrade to suit the surroundings.

There are many ways we can change the look of your lift, ranging from a contemporary interior design to matching a brand identity.Lift modernisation to improve the aesthetics of a lift can include new car operating panels, flooring, wall finishes, handrails, and ceiling lighting. We work closely with you to provide a truly personalised finish to the lift; creating a design to enhance the surroundings and building.

Old lift upgraded with an oak panelled lift car with bronze stainless steel control panel during the lift modernisation


With escalating energy costs and an increasing emphasis on sustainability, lift regeneration is an ideal choice to change the drive and control system, reducing the energy consumption of your lift which can lead to savings of up to 50%, many of these savings are due to a reduction in lift energy usage, less friction and heat losses.

For more information about our lift upgrade and modernisation options please contact our team.

Lift modernisation with a new lift motor and protection guards in the lift motor room
Lift upgrade of duplex passenger lift motors with new motors and protection guards during a lift modernisation
Lift modernisation with new lift control panels in the lift motor room
Lift modernisation with a new lift control panel and motor including making the lift motor room safe for lift engineers with safety guards and access ladders